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Mah, as promised, a new-old-story

Kall, enjoy

Dear central nervous system of Unwilling Subject M,

it has come to Our attention (us being the collective of human organisms in contact with the subject at hand) that your duties as Central Autonomous Control system have been neglected in the past weeks or months. Upon further investigation it seems that control has been handed over to a larger Hive Brain System. We would like to express our concern on this matter, as hive brains and federal control systems controlling such impulsive and unaccountable Female organisms are prone to failure and damage to said Subject.

As you very well know, failure to hold Identity and the Individual Subject above Common Good goes against Human nature, thus putting the rest of Humanity or, in this case the WWHiveBrain in a position to abuse your organism.

Realising that most of your power has already been lost to this hive brain, we insist

that you do not attempt to regain control yourself. We have contacted a local Psychotherapy Councellor, the Honorary Sir K. Nice, to evaluate your subject further. If you wish to do any good to your subject, we suggest you unlock Emotional Levels 5 till 21 (sensitivity from chocolate till body stimuli) in order to let Sir K take full effect in his actions.

As soon as Sir K has overloaded the emotional barriers blocking the subject from her role as individual adolescent female, you will be free to cut contact with the Hive Brain and continue your reign.




Dear Humanity office

We believe a severe mistake has been made in your investigation team, leading to the false conclusion that the Central Autonomous Control system of Mar the ruler of the Land of M has been taken over and damaged by the WWHiveBrain.

We regret the resources (and time) you have wasted in this investigation since there is absolutely no problem.

There is nothing wrong with Emotional Levels 5 till 21, and they are very much in function.

We regret to inform you, that this investigation was in fact a breach of privacy policy, and we have now been forced to give out a warning. Next time when the Humanity office decides on a research on the Female Subject, we will be forced to annihilate it. Regrettably, due to this breach Honorary Sir K. will be charged with treason, fraud and attempt at man-slaughter. We suggest he surrenders peacefully and suffers in silence for this act of terrorism.

Sincerily yours

Brain Control Office @M


ps) yes i know, im a lazy ass person, bah i dont care


Nov. 26th, 2009 08:03 pm (UTC)
hur hur I remember from when this was! You finished/altered it?
Big Upppppp


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